OCVL Rules


Canadian Volleyball Association rules are to be followed for all matches in this league.

The OCVL uses only certified officials for every game.

League Exceptions


A spare is a temporary player who can play for your team twice without being added to the roster. Once they play a third time, they are automatically added to the team’s roster.

A waiver form is necessary for all spares.

Note: No spares may be used during the qualifying tournament. All players who play in the qualifying tournament are required to be on your team’s roster.


  • Uniform violations: All teams must be in uniform the week following the Canadian Thanksgiving (usually the 2nd Monday in October). See: Uniforms
  • Match defaults.

Time Caps




Where only 4 games are played, and each team has won 2 games, the winner is determined by:

  1. Greatest difference between points scored and points against for the 4 games. This will only be done IF THERE ARE 4 FULL GAMES PLAYED (if he 4th game ended with a time cap, it is still considered as a completed game and will be counted).
  2. If still tied, the winner is the winner of 2 of the first 3 games played.


All players on a team must have matching shirts with a 15cm number on the back (centre) AND an 8cm number on the front (centre). Please note: No 0’s, leading zero’s (007), decimals, symbols or numbers greater than 99. Uniforms are not required for the qualifying tournaments however each player on a team participating in a qualifying tournament, must have a game shirt with a unique number.


All players, including spares, must complete their waiver form prior to playing in any matches.

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